Create Website

Creating a website is simple after login to the application go to Websites page and click on the Create Website button. Then drag and drop your website files to the dropzone.

After upload finishes, wait for the deployment to complete. You'll be redirected to the website page when deployment starts, and Overview tab shows the status of your website. Once the deployment completes, status changed to Deployed and, the website URL is displayed. Click on this to see your website.

Make sure the website files have an index.html and maximum upload size is 500MB

By default website is created under Basic plan which is free, if you want to change the plan, go to Settings tab and scroll down Pricing Plan and choose the right plan for your website.

Websites default settings can be changed by clicking on the Website Default Settings expansion panel and changes the settings according to your choice.

Read more about different settings in website settings section.

Rename Website

Clodui generates a random name for your website. To change the name, go to website dashboard and click on the website for which name to change. In the Overview tab click on the pencil icon against website name in info widget.

On Change Website Name dialog box, enter a name you like and press tab or click outside the textbox to trigger name validation. Bluetick icon is shown on the right side of the textbox if validation is successful, otherwise, you'll see a close icon in red colour with the validation error message.

Now click on the Save button to change your website name. Change happens immediately, and you click on the new URL to see the website.

Once website name is changed, you won't be able to rename it back to the previous name immediately

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