Cloud based static hosting service.

Drag and drop your website files to host it on the cloud, and we'll automatically optimize your website for the best performance.


Automatic Form Handling

Form submissions saved automatically, and you can configure to send an email when the user submits a form.

Asset Optimization

Optimize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images automatically. We generate modern image formats like WebP from your JPEG or PNG images.

Global CDN and SSL

Your website served from global CDN with a free SSL certificate.

Atomic Deployment

All deployments are atomic and have deployment history with support for instant rollback.

Smart Image Optimisation

Automatic image resizing, image quality control based on Client-Hint and Data-Saver HTTP headers.

Role-Based Access Control

Multiple users with RBAC(Role-Based Access Control) with support for more than one owner per website.

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  1. 1

    Drag and drop your files

    Create your website by drag and drop files from your desktop.

  2. 2

    Make configuration changes

    Add forms for handling submissions, provide settings for email notification. Add team members to your website and grant roles.

  3. 3

    Add custom domain

    Configure a custom domain to access your website with SSL support.

Pricing Free During Beta

Planned pricing once we're out of beta. Everyone can use our service for free during the beta version. We'll send out an email before we're going to release the first version, and you can switch to an appropriate plan.


$0.00 Per website for one month
  • Asset Optimisation
  • CDN + SSL Support
  • Custom Domain
  • 100 Form Submissions
  • 100 Deployments
  • One Month Deployment History


$4.99 Per website for one month Value
  • Asset Optimisation
  • CDN +SSL Support
  • Custom Domain
  • 1000 Form Submission
  • 1000 Deployments
  • Three Months Deployment History


$14.99 Per website for one month
  • Asset Optimisation
  • CDN + SSL Support
  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Form Submission
  • Unlimited Deployments
  • One Year Deployment History
  • Image Resize Support
  • Client-Hint Image Optimisation