Custom Domains

In Clodui, when a website is created, it is assigned a domain name in the format [website-name] The custom domain allows you to access your website with a domain name which is not a Clodui sub-domain.

E.g., if you own a domain name called and you want to point this to the Clodui website you created. Then follow these steps, these steps require some understanding of configuring DNS entries. If you need any technical support, please get in touch with at

Add Domain

To add a custom domain, go the website page in Clodui, then Settings tab and scroll down to Custom Domain widget. Click on the Add Domain button which opens a dialog, enter the domain name (without https:// or http://), then click OK button.

You can add multiple domains so that all of them points to the same website you created in Clodui.

After domain names are added, click on Save Changes to trigger custom domain process.

Verifying Domain Ownership

The first step in the custom domain process is verifying ownership of the domain names you have added.

Custom Domain widget shows all domains you have added, click on the domain name to expand the panel. There you see CNAME entry that needs to be added to your domain DNS server.

Here is an instruction on adding CNAME record to DNS

After you made changes to the DNS, it takes some time(max 24-28 hours) to propagate. Clodui verifies ownership during this time and after verification completes; you'll see the first steps as completed in the Custom Domain widget.

Creating CDN

Next step in the process is creating a Content Delivery Network(CDN); this doesn't require any actions from your end. After the CDN is ready, you'll see the second step as completed.

Add CNAME to Domain DNS

The last step is updating your domain DNS to point the domain name to Clodui website. For this, click on the domain name in Custom Domain widget which expands the panel and shows you the CNAME entries that need to be added to your DNS server.

After all these steps are completed, you should be able to access your website using the custom domain that you added.

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