Forms Notification

You can send notifications when a user submits HTML form. Clodui allows to sent notifications via email and webhook. If Clodui detects the submission is a spam, then notifications won't be sent.

Email Notification

Email notification enables you to send out an email when the user submits the corresponding HTML form.

Navigate to Forms tab and click on the gear icon against the form in All Forms widget, which takes to the forms settings page. Scroll down to Email Notification widget, to receive email notifications make sure Enable Email is enabled. Enter the recipient's email addresses to which notification sent, then save the changes.

After the changes saved, recipients receive an email when a user submits the form.

Email Template

By default email is sent with a standard template, you override the default template by adding a custom template. Click on the Add Email Template which opens a dialog provide text and HTML format of the email.

Text and HTML template should be a valid Handlebars template. If there is an error in using the template, then email is sent with the default template.

Webhook Notification

Webhook integration allows receiving notifications to third-party services when form is submitted. Zapier is a service which can be used to automate tasks when a form is submitted.

Ensure Enable Webhook is enabled to receive a webhook notification. Then enter the callback URL to which Clodui should post the HTML form submission data.

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