Asset Optimization

Assets like HTML, CSS and JavaScript files are optimized based on Optimization level on the website.

The table below shows optimizations done for each asset based on the Optimization level

HTML Optimization

Remove Comments𐄂
Collapse Whitespaces𐄂
Minify CSS in style elements and style attributes𐄂𐄂
Minify JavaScript in script element and event attributes𐄂𐄂
Lazy load images𐄂𐄂𐄂

CSS Optimization

Remove Whitespaces𐄂
Remove comments𐄂𐄂
Reduce CSS calc expression𐄂𐄂
Convert color to smallest equivalent color value𐄂𐄂
Remove duplicated rules𐄂𐄂
Remove empty rules𐄂𐄂
Removes at-rules which have same identifier as another𐄂𐄂
Collapse longhand properties into the shorthand form𐄂𐄂
Merge adjacent rules by selectors𐄂𐄂
Normalize property values𐄂𐄂
Compress inline SVG𐄂𐄂𐄂

JavaScript Optimization

Minify JavaScript𐄂

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