Deploying Hexo Website

Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework. You write posts in Markdown (or other markup languages) and Hexo generates static files with a beautiful theme in seconds.

This guide explains how to deploy your Hexo website in Clodui.


  1. Create a website by following the steps explained here
  2. Open your terminal and navigate to your Hexo website directory.
  3. Install Clodui deployer to your Hexo website by running this command from terminal
    npm install hexo-deployer-clodui --save
  4. Add Clodui deployer to _config.yml
      type: clodui
      username: <Clodui username> # or set environment variable CLODUI_USERNAME
      password: <Clodui password> # or set environment variable CLODUI_PASSWORD
      website_id: <Clodui website id> # or set environment variable CLODUI_WEBSITE
      publish: [true|false] # default is false`
  5. Now you can deploy your website by running command hexo deploy

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